Home Office Guidance 2013

The latest version of the Home Office’s Guidance to police forces on the interpretation and application of the firearms laws is now available. On the linked pages are brief summaries of some of the chapters and how they should, or might, be interpreted. The two are not always the same…

The document is broken down into sections as follows:

Ministerial foreword

  1. An overview – frequently asked questions on firearms licensing
  2. Definition and classification of firearms and ammunition
  3. Prohibited weapons and ammunition
  4. Expanding ammunition
  5. Restrictions on the possession, handling and distribution of firearms and ammunition
  6. Exemptions from the requirement to hold a certificate
  7. Young persons.
  8. Antique firearms
  9. Historic handguns
  10. Firearm certificate procedure
  11. Shotgun certificate procedure
  12. Assessing suitability
  13. Good reason to possess a firearm
  14. Law on shooting birds and animals
  15. Permits
  16. Registration of firearms dealers
  17. Museum firearms licences
  18. Rifle and muzzle-loading pistol clubs
  19. Security of firearms and ammunition
  20. Fees
  21. Notices and appeals
  22. Criminal use of firearms
  23. Law enforcement
  24. Proof of firearms
  25. Surrender and disposal of firearms and ammunition
  26. Northern Ireland
  27. Visitors’ permit procedures
  28. Import and export of firearms
  29. EC directive on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons
  30. Authorisation of armed guards on UK registered ships
  • Appendix 1 – Contact details
  • Appendix 2 – List of firearms forms
  • Appendix 3 – Conditions for firearm certificates
  • Appendix 4 – Young persons and firearms law
  • Appendix 5 – Antique firearms – obsolete calibres
  • Appendix 6 – Conditions for registration of firearms dealers
  • Appendix 7 – Guidance on secure keeping of firearms
  • Appendix 8 – Taking of firearms (including air weapons to Northern Ireland by visitors from Great Britain)
  • Appendix 9 – Conditions for visitor’s firearm or shotgun permit
  • Appendix 10 – Categories of weapons under 1991 EC directive on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons

To download a pdf copy of the 2013 edition of “Guidance”, right click on the link and select ‘download linked file’.    Guidance_on_Firearms_Licensing_Law