January 2013 – AGM

February 2013 – The evolution of British military firearms in the 20th Century – Stuart Taylor

March 2013 – Johnson Arms. The development and service of the Johnson Light Machine Gun.


April 2013 – Police truncheons: a very different and highly entertaining talk !

May 2013 – Something Dutch

June 2013 – Brno and CZ .22 bolt action rifles

July 2013 – French pre-WW1 semi-automatic rifles

August 2013

September 2013 – P13, what might have been… A truly superb presentation from the Royal Armouries on the P13 rifle and what might have been if WW1 hadn’t got in the way of British military rifle development.

October 2013 – The sound of silence, a lecture upon the development of moderators


November 2013 – Sporting rifles

December  2013 – Bring and show

Summaries of a number of these talks can be found by clicking on the ‘Past lectures’ link on the menu.